Working Words

by Charlotte C. Hill
A pair of drabbles from Working Girls

"Buck, we're leaving. We're taking her with us."

Some things you just can't fight, like Buck going stupid over a woman being hurt. Damned if I'll let him drag me any further into this. I'll get Nora to Nathan, but after that she's on her own.

Old bruises... shit.

A knock on Nathan's clinic door stops any more talk. "Best not tell Buck," I tell Vin.

Vin nods, understanding. "Ain't like he won't figure it out, if he hasn't already."

"He does, he c'n finish it however he wants. I ain't gonna do it."

Some things, you just can't fight.

BUCK: So, what do you think, Chris?
CHRIS: About what?
BUCK: About the ladies.
CHRIS: It's a problem.
BUCK: Yeah.

"It's a problem. But you can handle it."

Yeah, right. That didn't last two minutes.

I think you really were gonna try to keep your head down on this, Chris, and I can't blame you. My past and women, you've got a right to complain sometimes. Just like I do about you not seeing the good in people. The good in us and what we've got.

Still, you can't walk away from a righteous fight any better'n I can, for all your ornery willfulness.

So we handle what's in front of us, and the rest can take care of itself.