February Challenges

Etched in Silver by Farad
February 2010, Choice 2: set the timer for 30 minutes, go look at this picture, and write whatever you like.
I cheated a little, in that I used the picture and time in every scene. Interestingly, water appears to be something that draws me to this universe. The first time I saw the picture, part of this story came to mind, and I can't look at the picture without thinking about it.
This story follows Adsum. The index to Maygra's Shadowriders universe is here.
Warnings: knives, chains, molten silver, not your average kink
C/V/B; AU: Maygra's Shadowriders; FRAO

Cold Grey Dawn by Farad
Choice 1: One of the boys has to bleed. Warnings: Deathfic (of a sort). Author's notes: I recently had the great angsty pleasure of reading Zeke Black's Clear Blue Sky which is about as emotionally intense as it's possible to be. This is my own version of what the epilogue should have been, and yes, Zeke has not only read it, but suffered beta-ing it for me twice!
C/E; Old West; FRM

The Gray Mocker by Farad
Choice 1: One of the boys has to bleed.
Notes: An excerpt from this story has already been published (Stories in the Skin). This is a continuation of the story started in Befriended by the Moon).
Vin/Chanu, references to Vin/Josiah, Vin/others; Drifterverse; FRAO

No Easy Road by Tarlan
Choice 2: Smooching challenge - a kissing scene
Set immediately after Serpents and assumes that Serpents follows Obsession.
C/E; Old West; FRAO

Then You Are One Of Us by Farad
Choice 1: The Bloody Valentine - one of the boys has to bleed. This is a missing scene from "Ghosts of the Confederacy".
Warnings: history, politics, The American Civil War
Nathan/Rain; Old West; FRT