by Charlotte C. Hill
August 2008: the differences between the genders

I don't care what anybody says, anal sex is messier than vaginal sex. It just is. Messier, smellier... tighter, hotter. It's deeper too, more profound somehow, and I've wondered before if this is how a woman feels or not.

I've asked, but it's not like they can really tell you; women get penetrated from pretty much whenever they start having sex, so they don't see it as unusual or different. Besides, the parts down there aren't the same, even for women who love it in the ass. Just like oral sex isn't the same, even though the parts are more similar then men like to think on. Clitoris to cock, labia to ball sac, the parts are plenty similar--sizes not withstanding. And there's another thing that's not the same, because I have the fondest memories of eating women out, and yeah I know I've got a reputation as a guy who's up for anything where sex is concerned, but I flat-out don't enjoy sticking my tongue in somebody's ass. Not that I haven't done it plenty, when the heat of the moment makes everything a pleasure. But the memory of it is different. It doesn't turn me on like the thought of licking out a woman did.

Maybe it's just what we become accustomed to, and me, I became accustomed to a woman's pussy long before I felt the need to try anything else. I became accustomed to penetrating years before I was ever penetrated. Of course when I decided the rest was worth trying, I was just as equal opportunity a guy as you've ever met, and had to try everything once to see if it was worth trying twice.

It was.

But I won't say one's more natural than the other, and I can't even say I prefer one over the other. I can only say which one I've chosen, because the ass fucking in question either goes to Chris or comes from him, and the mess and the tight heat and all that comes with it is, I know, more than I probably deserve.

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