MONTH Challenges

A Prize Ungained by JoJo
Ezra ponders what he might gain and what's to be lost.
E, V, J, B, N; Old West; FRT

Who Ever Thought by Jackie
Choice 2: It's Summer, it's hot, and things are all drippy with sweat. Write a story where one of the boys has to suck (ice cubes, popsicles, ice cream cones... what, were you thinking of something else? Okay, maybe that, too *g*)
Chris and Buck travel to the Eastern Shore and get up to things.

Mornings by Charlotte C. Hill
30-minute timed writing challenge
C/B; Any modern AU; FRM

The Lay of the Land by Stan Lee
30 minute timed challenge
Note: I cheated a little. I took a snippet from my WIP file and used the thirty minutes to finally finish it off.
C/B; Old West; FRAO

Drifter by Artisan447
30 minute timed challenge
Ezra Standish had never really thought about what it meant to be Andarchic, but meeting Vin Tanner forced him to consider what it must be like to be excluded from almost all aspects of society and technology.
E/V; AU-Drifter; FRT

Holding My Own by Kim
30 minute timed challenge

His Own Laws by Farad
For the August 2008 timed challenge: Set aside 30 minutes. Write. When the timer goes off, reset for 10 minutes and finish whatever it is you wrote in the last 30 minutes. Where you see the " +_+_+_ " symbols is where the timer went off, but I was on a roll, so I kept going.
C/B, C/V, implied B/JD; OW; FRM

Messy by Charlotte C. Hill
The differences between the genders
C/B; Any modern AU; FRAO