JD Dunne's Awful Horrible Very Bad Day
by Kim

July 2009, challenge prompt: Write a story that consists entirely of written materials such as letters, telegrams, diary entries, (modern day text messages/email,) etc.

On Sunday, September 27, 2009, The Detroit Lions won an NFL football game for the first time since December 23, 2007. The losers in this momentous occasion? Happily for me, one of the two teams I love to hate, the Washington Redskins. (I'm from Baltimore, if you're a football fan, you know the other team. If you're not, you don't care.)

Thanks to Fara for JD's screen name and the idea to make it instant messages instead of text messages.

VT0937 to HackermanDunne (4:01:32 pm):
The Lions? Hahahahahahaha!

HackermanDunne to VT0937 (4:03:18 pm):
Bite Me. I hope Tony Romo breaks an arm.

MedicMan to HackermanDunne (4:12:22 pm):
Rain says thanks for babysitting for the next two Saturdays. GO LIONS!

BigDogLuvsTheLadies to HackermanDunne (4:18:30 pm):
I expect that toilet to be nice and shiny all month. Geez! The Lions!

HackermanDunne to BigDogLuvsTheLadies (4:20:01 pm):
Yeah, Yeah, rub it in. But, geez your team ain't no better.

BigDogLuvsTheLadies to HackermanDunne (4:22:09 pm):
Kid, they lost to the Lions. Everybody's team is better.

HackermanDunne to BigDogLuvsTheLadies (4:23:01 pm):
You are so full of crap.

DoNotCallMeACowboy to HackermanDunne (4:32:09 pm):
Tough break, kid. I didn't think they were that bad. Damn! The Lions.

HackermanDunne to DoNotCallMeACowboy (4:34:12 pm)
If we had Peyton Manning instead of Jason Campbell, we'd be good, too.

DoNotCallMeACowboy to HackermanDunne (4:37:46 pm):
You just keep telling yourself that. The Lions, Damn!

GirlsRuleCase to HackermanDunne (4:42:23 pm):
Pffffffffffffft! I told you the Redskins suck! Go Ravens!

HackermanDunne to GirlsRuleCase (4:44:38 pm):
Is that anyway to talk to your man?

GirlsRuleCase to HackermanDunne (4:45:58 pm):
Payback! Remember when you cheered when the Steelers won the AFC championship game last year?

WatchForCrows to HackermanDunne (4:52:41 pm):
Have faith.

HackermanDunne to WatchForCrows (4:54:14 pm):
Easy for you to say. You're a Giants fan.

WatchForCrows to HackermanDunne (4:55:23 pm):
It took 10 years for the Giants to get back to the Super Bowl after 1991. It took 17 years for the Giants to win another Super Bowl. Have faith.

Chameleon777 to HackermanDunne (4:58:18 pm):
My condolences.

HackermanDunne to Chameleon777 (4:59:48 pm):
Thanks, Ezra. Sorry about the Cards.

Chameleon777 to HackermanDunne (5:02:11 pm):
Thank you. Would you care to make a small wager on the outcome of tonight's game?

HackermanDunne to Chameleon777 (5:04:47 pm):
I already have to clean the apartment bathroom for a month and babysit for Nathan and Rain the next two weekends. What do you want, blood?

Chameleon777 to HackermanDunne (5:06:31 pm):
No thank you. Money will do.

AIM to HackermanDunne (5:07:12 pm):

The End

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