MONTH Challenges

Stories in the Skin by Farad
Universe: Drifterverse (Artisan447's wonderful universe!)
Choice 1: The Take-their-boots-off Challenge! Any situation that requires one (or more) of the Seven to remove the boots of another.
Note: This is an out-take from a longer story that explains a lot more about what's going on, but I needed a minute of Josiah's perspective to set it in my head. So - this is that.
Vin/Chanu, hints of Josiah/Vin; AU - Drifter; FRM

JD Dunne's Awful Horrible Very Bad Day by Kim
Choice 2: Write a story that consists entirely of written materials such as letters, telegrams, diary entries, (modern day text messages/email,) etc.

Torques by Farad
In response to challenge ideas from Sam and Sprite, and for the WEC July challenge - take a fandom cliché and make it work. This one is a variation on "I love my rapist."
Josiah/Vin, Chris/Buck; Escorts; FRAO