Workshop Stories

These are stories which weren't necessarily inspired by list challenges,
but were posted as examples or as part of our writing workshops.

Ill Shuffled by Farad
Yet another "Obsession" story, attempting to explain so very much. It's set just before the last scene. The title is from Jonathan Swift: "I must complain the cards are ill shuffled till I have a good hand."
C/E; Old West; FRT

Fission: Fusion by Farad
Warnings: all of them, every warning you could ask for except death. Well . . .maybe . . .
Author notes: thanks to the wonderful people at WEC for all their help and suggestions, and to Jen and Jin for keeping up with my universe and 'fact checking' for me! All mistakes and inconsistencies are my own fault.
C/V, C/B, Buck/Louisa, JD/Casey; Fission AU; FRAO

Drift Currents by Artisan447 and Farad.
Another piece of the Drifter AU. The first story is Drifter
J/V; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Befriended by the Moon by Farad and Artisan447
More in the Drifter AU, and it is set before the founding story Drifter. The title is from a Crow (Native American Indian) story.
Vin/Chanu; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Fighting Smoke by Farad and Charlotte C. Hill.
First story posted to the list, and used as an example for sending feedback to authors
C/B/V; Skip Trace; FRM