How Chris Larabee Spent the Longest Day of the Year
by Zeke Black
"A day in the life" drabble

Chris's day started early and ended late, thanks to Buck: Glimpsing Blossom's calico-clad hips asway, Buck's brain flew south--like the hammer he dropped while standing to tip his hat, said hammer sliding down the church's pitched roof, tumbling a bag of nails over Josiah's boot, and raining projectiles toward Chris's head. Chris ducked, slipped on dew-slick grass, and windmilled into oblivion.

He woke to a bitching headache and a familiar, downcast profile silhouetted in lantern-lit darkness. Watching the oblivious reader's thumb stroke his lower lip, Chris sighed into tranquility, safe harbored; and squeezed the callused hand wrapping his own.

6 Apr 08

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