Sanctus Sanctorum
Josiah hopes his damaged church may be a safe place to speak of unspeakable things
A/N: A Josiah and Vin friendship story, set in the Marauder AU and springing from reference to a revelation of traumatic events in Some Shallow Story of Deep Love. No warnings are attached but please read additional tags at AO3.
Written for Fara, the wonderful enabler! And thanks to her, Cathy and Dail for their input.
J, V; AU-Marauder; FRM

Paradise Borrowed
May 2012 Desert Island Challenge: Heaven and hell, needs and desires.
C/E; Old West; FRAO

Beyond the Horizon
May 2012 Desert Island Challenge: Josiah and Nathan might be the only survivors.
J, N; Old West; FRT

Josiah would like a lovely Spring day to be... uncomplicated. Also fills Bingo prompt "clean clothes".
J, All; Old West; FRT

A Prize Ungained
August 2013 post-Obsession challenge: Ezra ponders what he might gain and what's to be lost.
E, V, J, B, N; Old West; FRT