New Beginnings
Chris and Buck meet up for the first time
C/B; Old West; FRM

A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Four of the boys break down on a desert highway. This was originally for the Mag7 Daybook Bingo Prompt - Sweltering Heat. Due to the bumps in the road known as "Real Life" I missed my deadline.
C, V, E, J.D.; ATF; FRM

Who Ever Thought
For the August 2009 challenge, Choice 2: It's Summer, it's hot, and things are all drippy with sweat. Write a story where one of the boys has to suck (ice cubes, popsicles, ice cream cones... what, were you thinking of something else? Okay, maybe that, too *g*)
Chris and Buck travel to the Eastern Shore and get up to things.

What's A Story Among Friends
Buck's telling tall tales or is he? Written for Round 2 of the DW Mag7 Daybook Bingo - Prompt "Tall Tales"
B, V, J.D.; Old West; FRM

Left Behind
May 2012: Desert Island challenge -- strand two of the guys on a desert island

A Tale of the Seasons
JD tells Casey about the seasons back East. Written for Round 2 of the DW Mag7 Daybook Bingo - Prompt "Spring Fever"
J.D., Casey; Old West; FRT

A Test of Friendship
Chris and Buck experience the strength of true friendship
C, B, V, J; Old West; FRM