Fighting Smoke by Farad and Charlotte C. Hill
First story posted to the list, and used as an example for sending feedback to authors
C/B/V; Skip Trace; FRM

A day in the life of Vin and Chanu, before Vin meets Chris and Buck, with a touch of dawn, leather and what's he doing in my bed
Vin/Chanu (implied); Skip Trace; FRT

In response to challenge ideas from Sam and Sprite, and for the WEC July challenge - take a fandom cliché and make it work. This one is a variation on "I love my rapist"
Josiah/Vin, Chris/Buck; Escorts; FRAO

Raising the Ante by Charlotte C. Hill and Farad
Write a story using the following words and phrase: "map," "wagon," and "I'm not kidding...."
Note: This is a sort of founding story for the version of the Escorts universe that Charlotte and Stan Lee did where Chris and Buck are together. This takes place before JD comes in (those stories were written by Stan Lee and are on the DnF site), and basically explains how the other six got there, even though it's mostly Ezra who is coming in.
C/B, J/V; Escorts; FRAO

Tell a story that includes a backstory of how one of the seven acquired an item that we associate with him (Vin's harmonica or Ezra's flask or ring or gold tooth, Chris' guns or spurs or duster, Nathan's knives or the scabbard, Josiah's Bible or serape - et cetera...);
and: Write a story using the following words and phrase: "map," "wagon," and "I'm not kidding..."
Crossover with Deadwood
J/V, Trixie/Sol; OW; FRAO

Its Own Place
For the June Challenge: Write a story where the weather plays an important part in how the plot develops

Drift Currents by Artisan447 and Farad
Another piece of the Drifter AU
J/V; AU-Drifter; FRAO

His Own Laws
For the August 2008 timed challenge: Set aside 30 minutes. Write. When the timer goes off, reset for 10 minutes and finish whatever it is you wrote in the last 30 minutes. Where you see the " +_+_+_ " symbols is where the timer went off, but I was on a roll, so I kept going.
C/B, C/V, implied B/JD; OW; FRM

Befriended by the Moon by Farad and Artisan447
More in the Drifter AU, and it is set before the founding story Drifter. The title is from a Crow (Native American Indian) story.
Vin/Chanu; AU-Drifter; FRAO

And This is the Apple
Warnings: discussions of a religious nature: Seven Deadly Sins
November 2008: Write a "scene you'd like to see" -- I didn't rewrite the scene so much as add to it.

Salt-Laden Whispers in the Wounds of Night
Warnings: Dark themes, suggestions of sorts of torture. Write a story that begins with the following sentence: "The Pacific Ocean, he mused, was damned big."
C/V/B; AU-Shadow Riders; FRAO

Sweets in Every Fold
From September: Choice 1: take one of your least favorite fannish cliches and write it into a story, debunking it AND from August: Choice 2: Length challenge: 500 words (or thereabouts) on one of the following themes: friendship
B-V; Old West; FRT

Fortalezan Fortal
March: Choice 2: Write something out of your comfort zone. For example, Stan (I think it was Stan) nailed me on glossing over dark details, because they make me uncomfortable. In my Sons of Anarchy-M7 crossover, I gave minimal details in the gang bang scene; February: Choice 2: Smooching challenge - a kissing scene. December: Choice 2: Write a story using NO DIALOG, just all narrative. November: Choice 1: Write a "scene you'd like to see" -- In other words, using any episode, rewrite an existing scene the way you would have liked to see it had you had the control.
Especial thanks to Zeke for the thorough and wonderful comments.
Author's note: Fortaleza is one of the large cities on the coast of northern Brazil; it was founded in the early 1500's by the Spaniards and has remained and economic and commercial center for the region and the country. Like Rio, it celebrates carnival, the pre-Lent celebration upon which Mardi Gras is also based; it involves days of parades, street entertainment in the form of dancers, acrobats, musicians, and entertainers, and rich costumes and masques, creating an air of fantasy and wonder. Fortaleza's carnival is called 'Fortal'.
V; Old West; FRM

Cold Grey Dawn
February: Choice 1: One of the boys has to bleed. Warnings: Deathfic (of a sort). Author's notes: I recently had the great angsty pleasure of reading Zeke Black's Clear Blue Sky which is about as emotionally intense as it's possible to be. This is my own version of what the epilogue should have been, and yes, Zeke has not only read it, but suffered beta-ing it for me twice!
C/E; Old West; FRM

Stories in the Skin
Universe: Drifterverse (Artisan447's wonderful universe!)
July 2009, Choice 1: The Take-their-boots-off Challenge! Any situation that requires one (or more) of the Seven to remove the boots of another.
Note: This is an out-take from a longer story that explains a lot more about what's going on, but I needed a minute of Josiah's perspective to set it in my head. So - this is that.
Vin/Chanu, hints of Josiah/Vin; AU - Drifter; FRM

October 2009, Choice 2: The episodes challenge: "Working Girls" Watch Working Girls once or twice, and write a missing scene or episode tag. Aim for under 4,000 words.
Warnings: inferences of het but not explicit. Some angst, of course.
C/Lydia, C/V; Old West; FRM

The Gray Mocker
February 2009, Choice 1: One of the boys has to bleed.
Notes: An excerpt from this story has already been published (Stories in the Skin). This is a continuation of the story started in Befriended by the Moon).
Vin/Chanu, references to Vin/Josiah, Vin/others; Drifterverse; FRAO

Crying in the Wilderness
April 2009, Choice 1: Write a sensual scene (can be graphic or not) where the guys are not at the same point in their romantic journey and where the scene brings them closer, yet may leave them pulling apart in greater conflict. Show us what happens when communication isn't always clear, and love isn't perfect.
J/V; The Margaret May (Firefly) AU; FRAO

At the Edge of Darkness by Charlotte C. Hill and Farad
November 2009, Choice 1: Participate in Mag7WriMo, NaNoWriMo or mini-NaNo
The foundation story for the Firefly AU "The Margaret May"
C/B, J/V; The Margaret May (Firefly) AU; FRAO

Handle With Care by Farad and Eclipse
January 2009, Choice 2: Finish a WIP
WARNINGS: BDSM, all nice and consensual. Thanks to Dail and all the fine people on WEC who have helped us with several rewrites. They are in no way accountable for anything the readers don't like or disagree with – it is, after all, kink!
J/V, C/B; Escorts; FRAO

Then You Are One Of Us
February 2009, Choice 1: The Bloody Valentine - one of the boys has to bleed. This is a missing scene from "Ghosts of the Confederacy".
Warnings: history, politics, The American Civil War
Nathan/Rain; Old West; FRT

Etched in Silver
February 2010, Choice 2: set the timer for 30 minutes, go look at this picture, and write whatever you like.
I cheated a little, in that I used the picture and time in every scene. Interestingly, water appears to be something that draws me to this universe. The first time I saw the picture, part of this story came to mind, and I can't look at the picture without thinking about it.
This story follows Adsum. The index to Maygra's Shadowriders universe is here.
Warnings: knives, chains, molten silver, not your average kink
C/V/B; AU: Maygra's Shadowriders; FRAO

The Nautilus
December 2010: Chris considers how he's spending this particular New Year
Chris; Old West; FRT

All Soul's Passing
October 2010: The seven end up in a ghost town, complete with legends of hauntings and ghosts and restless spirits. What brought them there and how do they feel about it? Who believes in ghosts or spirits, who's scared, who's not?
A post-"The Trial" story.
Nathan-Vin; Old West; FRT

Ill Shuffled
Yet another "Obsession" story, attempting to explain so very much. It's set just before the last scene. The title is from Jonathan Swift: "I must complain the cards are ill shuffled till I have a good hand."
C/E; Old West; FRM

Fission: Fusion
Workshop story
Warnings: all of them, every warning you could ask for except death. Well . . .maybe . . .
Author notes: thanks to the wonderful people at WEC for all their help and suggestions, and to Jen and Jin for keeping up with my universe and 'fact checking' for me! All mistakes and inconsistencies are my own fault.
C/V, C/B, Buck/Louisa, JD/Casey; Fission AU; FRAO

Forging Copper, alternate POV
March 2011: write a scene or story from another character's point of view
This is a scene from Forging Copper retold from Ezra's point of view. C/V, C/E; Old West; FRAO

Suffering Fools
Author notes: Written for the Mag 7 Bingo Prompt "Horse and Rider"; thanks to the wonderful Dail, Huntersglenn, and the awesome people at WEC for the beta. All mistakes - horse knowledge and otherwise - are my very own.
J/V (implied); Old West; FRM

Coming to Consciousness
For the Mag 7 Daybook Bingo prompt, "Meanwhile, back at the bath house". Special thanks to the wonderful people at WEC for the betas and advice, Dail and Huntersglenn especially, all mistakes my own.
Inspired by Van, who mentioned on Daybook that Dale Midkiff suffered back pain.
Set right after "Wagon Train".
B-V; Old West; FRT

Stamping a Likeness
For the Daybook Bingo Prompt "Seal of the Confessional"; this is a 'missing scene' from "Achilles", set between JD getting on the stage and the seven riding to his rescue, concurrent with Vin and Chris talking to Morris in the jail and Achilles' attack on the stage.
Special thanks to the awesome folks at WEC for feedback, HuntersGlenn, JoJo, Charlotte, and also to Dephi and Van who were kind enough suffer through the rewrite!
J, B, All; Old West; FRT

Spoiling For A Fight
For the Daybook prompt: Nathan, OW, 'They tried to get me to hate white people, but someone would always come along and spoil it.' -Thelonious Monk
Also for the first Bingo prompt "Present Tense". A special thanks to the wonderful people at WEC for their help with the story, especially with the verbs.
N, All; Old West; FRM