A transition scene for an as yet unfinished Escorts-Spenser crossover story
E/V; Escorts; FRM

Testing the Waters
What happens when your old employers still have their hands on your career?

Skinning the Cat
A day in the life: Chris, Vin, a cougar, a creek, some sex

Interlude 1
For Farad, who asked for wet Vin, and December 2008, write a story with no dialog

Out With the Cold
December 2010: Ezra and Vin see in the New Year
E-V; Old West; FRT

Come To Your Senses
November 2010, Choice 1: Autumn is a time of the senses. No matter where you live, the seasons change, nature changes, animals change, the clothing changes, decor changes, colors change...etc. It's a feast for all the senses taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight. So the challenge is to write a story incoporating the senses and the many of the senses as you can. It can be any universe you want, gen or slash. However, if it is slash, the more "sense"ual, the better.
Ezra tries to submit to Vin one more time. This story follows The Master's Ball
E/V; Escorts; FRAO

Absolution 2
March 2011: write a scene or story from another character's point of view
Absolution was originally from Ezra's POV, and this version is from Vin's. E/V; ATF AU; FRM

The Look, The Feel
Written for the 2011 Mag7 Bingo, the prompt is "nightshirt" and the story belongs with the other Escorts stories on Ashlyn's website.
E/V: Escorts AU; FRM