In Plain Sight
A day in the life. What the hell was Vin doing with that broom in his hand in the Pilot?

Ezra Standish had never really thought about what it meant to be Andarchic, but meeting Vin Tanner forced him to consider what it must be like to be excluded from almost all aspects of society and technology.
E/V; AU-Drifter; FRT

Drift Currents by Artisan447 and Farad
Another piece of the Drifter AU
J/V; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Befriended by the Moon by Farad and Artisan447
More in the Drifter AU, and it is set before the founding story Drifter. The title is from a Crow (Native American Indian) story.
Vin/Chanu; AU-Drifter; FRAO

Everybody Wins by Artisan447 and Charlotte C. Hill
The Sporting Challenge: Write a story where two or more of the guys are participating in a sport or sporting challenge.
C/B, E/V; AU-Tour de Seven; FRAO